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Seriously!?! by tbolt
Our Riolu's friends have shown up to help!

Riolu:  Seriously?, Seriously!?!  I called floor spikes, that means go around, not waltz through!
Eevee:  Oh, dear...
Totodile:  I tripped on one...
Riolu:  *sigh*  Who has the bag?  This is why we carry the Patcha berries...
Eevee:  I think Pikachu was carrying it.
Riolu:  Where is Pikachu?
Totodile:  I think we lost him on that one sharp curve two rooms ago.  I think I heard electro-ball go off.
Riolu:  What, and nobody thought to tell me this?!?
Eevee:  You told us not to interrupt you during a long corridor sprint...
Riolu:  Gah, urhg, splah!
Totodile:  I think he'll calm down after he deflates a bit...
Eevee:  But it is cute to watch him rant like this!

If you ever played the older Mystery dungeon games, you will appreciate this.  Sometimes the cohesiveness of the team, and their trap avoidance abilities left a bit to be desired...  ^^;
Uh, oh! by tbolt
Uh, oh!
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is slated to be released tomorrow, so I got the idea to do a little drawing!

Here our intrepid dungeon delver has discovered to his pain that the floor in this area has been covered with spikes!  What will happen to him?  Don't worry, explorers travel in teams, and I'm certain that his crew will be there to back him up! =^6=
The Recruiter by tbolt
The Recruiter
Meet Kali, the Pyroar!  She is the primary recruiter of the team!  Here we see her posing on her latest victory, the final Arceus.  After nearly three weeks of grinding on the same level, and with help from my favorite Pyroar I got the titles Arceus Collector for capturing fifty of the big guys, and Arceus Master for capturing one each of all eighteen types of Arceus!  (Something that will only be seen in Rumble World...)   As a side effect, I also have captured some 3,000 Eevees and various Eeveeloutions.  Anybody want any Sylveons?  I have well over a thousand... ^^;

The only thing left to do on this level is to get the title of Mew collector, as Mew only appears on this stage, but it is not guaranteed.  Egad, I have 25, and I have burned through this level about 100 times...

Game specs:

Power: 1859

Special Trait: Stupendous  (Hardy, Gutsy, Reflector, Healthy, Boomer, Lingering)


Return: Kali shows her affection for her trainer by beating the tar out of her opponents!

Endeavor: For the three people that don't already know this, endeavor is your best recruiting tool.  It quickly whittles down an opponent's HP until it is equal to the user's.  Once that is reached, it will only do one damage per hit.  This allows Kali to hammer away at a foe until she stuns them, then she can pull their plugs and make them a new partner!

Kali is an excellent recruiter, she is not the fastest mon on my team, but she learns Endeavor, and has a built in air compressor, aka Healthy.  If she takes a little damage, she naturally pumps herself back up.  If she takes a lot of damage, she can retreat until she's back at 100%.  This is very useful when trying to recruit the big bosses, as they can only be stunned during their recharge phase.  Her Reflector ability is nice too in that she passes negative statuses back to her opponents.  The only drawback is her attacks are narrow in scope, so she can be taken down by swarms of foes which is why I will usually switch her in once the field is relatively clear.
Field repairs by tbolt
Field repairs
Punctures are a reality for all combat mons. Dealing with them quickly is the difference between victory and defeat. The patches are adhesive and can be applied on the fly to stop immediate air loss. Over time the mon will heal and the patch will fall off. Filly's kit is a little more than other mons though. With the Roost feature she can fire up a small air pump to replace lost air. This does require her to stop for a few moments to wind it up. Hopefully she can do this far enough away from opponents that she won't sustain any additional damage.

Overall, I am really having a lot of fun with this MyPaint program! I'm getting more accoustmed to how to manipulate the tools / brushes. I'm really loving shading now, and I think I can start making fur patterns too! =^^=

Backgrounds are still basic, but I also like the texture of the chalk tool at different pressures and sizes
Down for the Count by tbolt
Down for the Count
Poor Bumper, he tries his best, but one solid hit from the big bosses usually sends him back to the reserves.

Bumper:  *Whine*

Don't worry, little guy, you did your best and that's all we can ask of you.  Besides, getting clobbered by Lugia is not dishonorable, and you plowed through those Octillery like they were nothing!  We know you'll be up and ready for the next round!
Apologies this is a vent...

I got a call from my uncle this morning.  He's sick and needs a large sum of money up front to go to the hospital.  Uncle, why did you leave the US!?!?  The US is all about free health care and hospitalization.  We have the resources here to help you, excellent facilities.  This is not available to a foreigner 3000 miles away!  I feel terrible because what you need is far beyond my ability to send.  how do I even know that it even reaches you?  You were kind and generous to our family, now I feel like a wretch in that I cannot help you in your hour of need...  COME HOME FOR PITY'S SAKE!
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