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Believe it or not, I'm really starting to love the Lenten season.  When I was little and growing up in

Catholic School, it seemed that the more miserable one was, in general, the better one was off spiritually.  

Lent was one of those seasons that was enforced upon us in order for us to experience a little of Jesus's

misery, feel bad about ourselves, and just plain give up stuff that we enjoy.  If one takes the teadition at

face value, going trough the motions mechanically, that's exactly what it is.  A time to feel miserable.

Now as I've gotten a little older I'm viewing it in a different light.  Sure the one day fasts I've been

observing are still uncomfortable, and I really don't think I've truly apprehended the purpose of denying

one's self a meal or three.  But I'm starting to get the joke about self-contemplation and observation.

This year for lent I gave up two things:  alcohol and World of Tanks.

Alcohol:  I drink primarily on Friday night.  as part of my cool-off period from happiness accrued

throughout the work week.  Which usually means I'm not 100% when I roll out of bed at 06:00 Saturday

morning.  (Yes I'm still that much of a morning person).  This generally leaves me unhappy until about noon

or so.  In the weeks that I have been without this, is it worth letting go on Friday night?  Am I really

benefitting from this?  Drugs are an instant escape from a harsher reality.  But they lead to such stiff

long term penalties.  Maybe this is a habit I can afford to drop altogether.  I kinda like waking up at 5:45

and not feeling like hitting the snooze button one more time...

World of Tanks:  Behold the pagan idol of my life (at this moment.)  I am amazed at how much I have turned

my thoughts back to this game during this brief hiatus I am taking.  I've still started it up a couple times

to make sure they don't think my account has become inactive...  What is it that I really value in life?

Heh, this is where I think Douglas Adams hit the nail on the head in The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy.  

We like to chat, keep our mouths moving in useless sentences.  Because if it ever stopped, our brains might

actually start to work and we might think for a change.  I daresay we accomplish that as well with the

internet, TV, videogames, sports and everything else that is a distraction.

This is what I love about Lent.  It is a reminder for one to look at one's self.  To reflect on the values

we hold in our hearts.  Is what I present to the world my true face, or only a mask?  How many masks am I

wearing?  Can I take these masks off?  How would others react to my true face?  How would God react to my

true face?

Here's looking forward to Easter!
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Yeez T, I have been remiss in wishing your rev-around-the-sun-day, and general HI to ya.  I am sorry, because you have not been far from my thoughts.   It s been mostly 'coz of those early dark-O-clock work hours; I dropped out of RL.

We gotta talk soon.  And, if you could visit us at Anthrocon, we'd be happy.
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Happy birthday, Tbolt.
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Thanks, another solar orbit completed! =^^=

I made mom jumbo shrimp in garlic and olive oil! =^W^=
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Have a happy!
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Thanks man!
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Happy birthday old friend :D
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